Corporate Golf Retreat

StG-GC_CorpRetreatAs new technologies have emerged, perhaps nothing has changed more drastically than the way businesses operate and collaborate. Gone are weekly meetings in the boardroom… replaced by GoToMeeting and Skype. Gone are the five-pot-of-coffee grind sessions to hammer out a contract in the wee hours of the morning… replaced by Red Bull and Instant Messenger. Been a while since you’ve seen your team face-to-face? Forgotten how great your crew really is? Whether you need to reintroduce yourself with your staff or reward your department heads for a job well done, there’s no better place to mix business with pleasure than the golf course! The St. Germain Golf Club offers the ultimate corporate golf retreat. You can play in the morning and run a strategic planning meeting in the afternoon at the Whitetail Inn. Or, you could utilize the spacious suites and high speed internet at the Whitetail Lodge for an AM brain storm and then relax with 18 holes in the PM. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you work hard and play hard!